James Dilley is coming to The Bushcraft Show!

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We are proud and delighted to announce that James Dilley is to offer prehistoric crafts at this year’s event, and I’m sure that you shall be as thrilled as we are that James will be making his inaugural appearance at The Bushcraft Show 2019. James is one of the UK’s most well-known prehistoric crafts people. His replica artefacts produced using authentic techniques and materials are on display at Stonehenge, The British Museum and many other heritage sites. He also frequently appears on TV displaying his ancient skills via the BBC, Channel 4, The Discovery Channel, National Geographic and The Smithsonian Channel.

James began teaching himself prehistoric crafts at the age of 10 and established AncientCraft in 2009 to showcase his skills. Later he began his studies at the Centre for Human Origins in the archaeology department at the University of Southampton, where he will soon complete his PhD. James’ blend of practical hands-on primitive skills and academic background makes him a unique researcher and presenter in his field.

James is setting up an AncientCraft zone at The Bushcraft Show, bringing with him more prehistoric crafts people than we’ve ever had before, along with a team of archaeologists. James will be running demonstrations and workshops, and there will be a living history camp attached where you can immerse yourself in life as it was thousands of year ago. James is even bringing a prehistoric logboat to launch on the lake, and another logboat currently under construction using only stone, bone and antler axes!

For a video of James at work, click here: https://youtu.be/ryMJ3c1gHuw

Expect a number of exciting announcements over the next few weeks, along with updates to the website. Watch closely!



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